Website Basics (What you need)

  1. A Domain Name. This is your URL, “”. The price varies depending on where you go to register on the Internet. The most famous is GoDaddy . Big Arrow Up has used WebHero since it was established in 2001.
  2. A website Designer. This would be Big Arrow Up. There are no set prices because all of the work is custom. If you think your site will be as big or as small as a site you found on the Gallery Page or if you have a specific website you want to show as an example of what you want then you will be given a ballpark figure
  3. Hosting. The files that BAU creates to make your website have to be hosted on a server somewhere on the Internet so people around the world can access them. BAU prefers and uses (since 2001) WebHero Hosting because the price is fair and the support is excellent.
  4. Search Engine Submission. Big Arrow Up will optimize your site for major search engines. Though BAU has achieved good results for its customers, this does not mean you will be number one in your keyword category. One way to be in the top search results is to pay to be a sponsored site via Google AdWords.
  5. E-Commerce. For a website that you wish to sell items you will need all of the above plus a few other things. A secure shopping cart, the ability to accept credit cards securely, otherwise known as a payment gateway and a computer with a printer to process the orders. There are companies that offer complete solutions for not only the shopping cart but for Web hosting as well. If you think you would like to "test the water" with an e-commerce website I suggest using the tools PayPal offers. They may take a higher percentage of the sale but you are not locked into any contract if you decide it is not working out for you.